Sunday, 22 January 2012

In which I get a surprise message....

Remember this rant about an article in Pagan Dawn?

Well, I've just received the following message from Mr Nash:

"Hello there Just to give you an unreserved apoloigy for any offence caused. Let me be clear I did not mean to demean anyone's take on pagan ism or spiritual pathway it was simply a comment on the fact that I believe initiation is in terminal decline. I actually hold hedge witches in the utmost respect - who else is doing more to keep the old lore alive? With hindsight the article does come across at times as arrogant and a tad pompous an d once again I apologise unreservedly- but there you go - when a man says sorry - a man says sorry. BB Peter Nash"

Apology accepted.  I'm impressed that he took the trouble to write.  Thank you, Mr Nash, you've put a smile on my face this morning.


  1. Very well done there indeed! Glad he was able to acknowledge he had made an error and hurrah for you pointing it out!

  2. Wow! i remember his article and it was indeed 'arrogant and a tad pompous' - good thing he could admit it!