Friday, 8 July 2011

In which I share Midsummer fun!

Childhood is no place for scepticism.  It should be a time of magic and ultimate possibilities.  So every Sabbat, I do something to bring a bit of magic and excitement into the Witchlets' day.  This Midsummer's Eve, we baked shortbread, cut into stars and decorated with pentacles, and uncorked the first bottle of Elderflower Fizz (way too sweet at the moment, but it will mature!).

The Witchlets placed a shortbread and the bottle of Fizz in our Faery Garden, put a battery powered tea-light in the lantern, and I said we should ask the Fae to come and help themselves, and bless our garden.  I didn't expect both Witchlets to start yelling "FAERIES! FOOD! COME AND GET IT!" but hey, it got the message across.  The following morning, both were delighted to discover empty offering dishes... apart from a tumble stone and a coin left for each of them.

As I do every year, on Midsummer's Eve I stayed up until it got dark, and set my alarm to get up before sunrise.  Unfortunately the morning was overcast, so it was more a case of watching the clouds go from dark grey to light grey, but I toasted the morning with The Fizz (and a splash of tonic to make it decidedly more palatable!) anyway.

One of our other Midsummer fun things to do is attend the local Pagan Federation Midsummer Picnic in Roundhay Park, Leeds, organised by the fantastic Debra of Leodis Pagan Circle.  This year, the fabulous Ursula Holden Gill, actress, director, Druid and StoryTeller in Residence for the NSPCC was there to tell wonderful stories, which had all the attending Witchlets enraptured.  Seriously great fun, and the weather was glorious this year (last year saw us huddled in the Victorian Shelter in winter coats whilst it rained and the wind howled across the park!)

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