Thursday, 28 April 2011

In which my Tree Peony FINALLY blooms...

I've been waiting for this for four long years.  I planted the tree peony the spring we moved into our house, and every year I inspect it for buds, and it's had none.  Until this year.  Ten flowers!  Ten flowers the size of (admittedly small) dinner plates.  Chuffed to frigging bits.

Smells absolutely gorgeous.  So, little experiment here:  I dry rose petals all the time in summer and they smell wonderful.  Wonder if tree peony petals will do the same?

Can but try.  So now I'm drying petals from the one bloom from the back of the bush that no-one can see.  (Hey, I'm not picking off any of the spectacular blooms you can see from the garden, I'm too bloody proud of them!)

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