Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year Witchy Workings

Goodbye 2012 (and good bloody riddance, frankly, you were a pain in the arse) and hello 2013 (so full of promise and potential, and you don't have to do that much to put your predecessor in the shade).

New Year's Eve saw me setting up two Witchy Workings.  Yes, I do bugger all Witchy Work for ages then two things come along at once.  It's a bit like British buses.  

The first Working was to get rid of all of the things I wanted to leave in the old year.  Goodbye, good riddance, and don't show your face around here any more.  Black candles, burning paper, simple magic but hey, I'm a simple sort of girl.  

My black candle sputtered out just as I heard the neighbours begin the countdown to the New Year.  For once, my timing seemed to pretty good!
The remains have been packaged up and have been taken to the crossroads and buried just after sunset (or rather, when the miserable grey day turned into a miserable grey night.)

The second Witchy Working was another bit of candle magic, requesting abundance in health, prosperity and happiness for the New Year, and it was lit as my clock chimed in the New Year, to the backround noise of local fireworks and cheers.  Again, simple, but sometimes the simple things work the best.  I'm not blazing a (pagan) trail here; I'm just doing what I can, when I can.

One of my most treasured posessions is a Janus candlestick, given to me by my Mother-in-Law.  It's old, battered, but the two faces on the opposite sides of the candlestick are still in good condition and I've been intending to light it on New Year's Eve for the last three years (and never have managed to organise it.)  This year I did, and I hope I will continue to do it each year.

Very little of my planned Yule/Christmas/Twelfth Night rituals happened this year.  After the Poxy Christmas, I was hoping that Twelfth Night Wassailing of my apple tree would at least be the one thing I could organise - but then the outside drain blocked and overflowed, and there was no way I could get it cleaned up in time for the Witchlets, The Hubster and I to parade to the tree with hot cider and toast, bells, whistles and drums.  Fortunately it's just the drain from the kitchen and washing machine, but it's still icky enough for me not to want them treading in it.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  Sometimes, you just have to let go of these things and realise that life is going to throw you off track.  

This morning (January 9th) I woke, checked my messages as always, and was shocked to discover that one of my dearest friends lost her husband in a motorbike accident the previous day.  Life is so short, so fragile, and our relationships and security can be turned upside down in a second.  Tonight I will be petitioning Hekate to light his way from this life to where he may rest, and for Her to shine her twin flames in the darkness for my friend and her young son.  Wherever you are, take time to tell those you love that you care for them.  


  1. So very sorry to hear about your friend's husband. May he find his way well lit & she find some small peace.

    I hope 2013 treats you marvelously! I think many of us were happy to see 2012 wander off!

  2. I'm very sorry to read about your friend's husband. Reading this comes after my own husband calling this morning and telling me that he had laid his motorcycle down on the way to work. Nothing major, and he's fine... but it could have been much worse. I'll keep your friend in mind during prayers this evening.

    I also have to agree that simple magic is the best magic. I'm much like you, and though I'm extremely organized in all other aspects of life and household, my magical workings seem to fall flat if worked or planned out to much. Simple and Spontaneous typically work best for me :)

    Happy New Year!