Thursday, 1 December 2011

In which I went mushroom hunting…

I’m up for a challenge (mostly) and Ms Graveyard Dirt’s challenges to go hunting for Boletes and then preparing them were too good to miss. So off I went. I hunted through the woods nearest to home. I hunted in the woods by the canal. I even hunted through the old Victorian park. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I kept looking, and then at the equinox I went down to leave my usual offering for the Old Man at the crossroads in the woods and wahay! Boletes! Of course, no camera on me (idiot that I am, forgot about the camera on my phone) but I donned gloves and carefully eased the huge fuck-off bolete out of the ground, only to find that it had bright red spongey underside and the bruises where I had touched it were turning blue - the bugger was poisonous. Bah. I could damn well hear the Old Man laughing his fucking socks off.

Eventually, fungi sprouted in the garden

- still inedible as far as I could work out - and then I finally found some at the Old Man’s offering grave.

So there we go - I’d give me an A for fucking effort, but a U for results.


  1. Mushrooms are just one item I cannot seem to identify ! just not my thing lol it seems you either get it or ya don't eh.
    our ds15 is a mushroom hunter he finds all varieties of edibles and knows the baddies too . He began when he was 13yrs and just flew off he is like a pig looking for truffles really .
    we had our 2nd ds yrs ago go off with his friend when they were 5 yrs and pick mushrooms we had to take them t emergency where I discovered Drs. are really stupid when it comes to mushrooms . ds was fine but he had horrid dreams all night long !
    Love the photos ☺

  2. I have a little Collins book for identifying mushrooms; fortunately it has lots of photos! Although I'd always follow the "If you're not sure, leave it alone!" rule. Glad your son was ok, though!