Thursday, 28 April 2011

In which I stop being pathetic...

Okay, you all remember my little rant about the pagan community?  Well, there have been "developments".  Surprisingly, I got quite a bit of support for my little stand, and I decided to not act QUITE so hastily and cut myself off from the pagan community at large.  I ended up deciding that I'd spent rather a lot of my life walking away from complete twats who ruined things for me, and this time I was going to fight for what I believed in, and to stay firm behind my opinion.  Eventually, the people who still owe me for the lightbulbs ended up having a tantrum, and sulkily took their ball home.  What made me change my mind?  I think I've just had enough of being a people pleaser.  Finally, I'm going to say "This is who I am" and "This is what I believe" and "Fuck you, if you want to give me shit over it". 

Now I'm not going to start running a moot, a coven, or anything like that.  But I am going back for a little paddle in the pagan pond.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Best of luck sweets. . . remember to look me up when you decide you need some hotfoot powder lol ;)